Halfbike – The Personal Vehicle That Brings Joy Back To Urban Mobility

Experience The City in a New Way
Halfbike brings you a completely new experience. It’s a vehicle that combines running and cycling, which turns out to be remarkably exciting and fun for getting around the city. A bicycle revised both in terms of size and functionality, a new kind of personal vehicle designed with rider experience in mind. Halfbike is light, compact and simple. You stand upright and turn simply by leaning your body. The ride is smooth and sometimes feels like gliding. We hope that Halfbike can show you what pure joy from riding really means.


It all started from my passion to optimize things that surround me and my love for bicycles. I started sketching different concepts for a simplified bike and soon reached a point where I needed to test these concepts in real life. For some of the early prototypes I used old bicycles and parts I found at the attic. I was amazed how well people reacted to the idea and that made me want to keep up. Along the process other people were drawn into the project creating a small team. After further development and experiments with various rider positions followed by even more prototypes, the desired level of control was finally achieved. What we have now is a patent pending new type of personal vehicle ready for the market.

Halfbike is great for commuting and transforms it from a monotonous task into a vibrant part of our everyday life. It is suitable for short distances and in conjunction with public transport could be taken on board for longer trips. Halfbike is compact enough for an elevator, light enough to carry it on stairs and fits into spaces too small for a normal bike.

If you just want to do some exercise it’s perfect for a Sunday morning in the park. Riding it mimics low impact style running and is great for “bike-jogging”. The joy of riding it can give you motivation to go out and have some fun.

Do you remember what it felt the first time you rode a bicycle? All the excitement from trying something new? Learning from scratch how to ride a Halfbike and improving your skills would certainly be an amazing new experience. That includes at first finding your balance and feeling the ride and then gradually improve. Just follow your body and the rest will come naturally. An empty open space with a smooth pavement is highly recommended for a start. There’s plenty of room, though, to challenge yourself and explore new horizons. Halfbike delivers a unique feeling no matter how you ride it.

Halfbike Via Kickstarter