BomBoard – Portable High Performance Jet Ski

The world’s only modular, high performance jet ski at the world’s lowest price
The BomBoard is a radical new high performance personal watercraft specifically designed for action sports enthusiasts. BomBoard will enable you to speed across the water inches from the surface performing stunts and maneuvers captured on video and shared with fellow enthusiasts throughout the world.


Join other enthusiasts and help us define BomBoarding as a new sport and lifestyle for action oriented individuals like yourself.

Don’t just stare at the lakes, rivers and oceans of the world . . . get out and challenge them and yourself with the adrenaline pumping BomBoard.

The BomBoard’s high performance, small size and light weight make the interface between man and machine complete. A small shift of your weight provides the body English to throw the BomBoard into a thrilling maneuver. Pull the throttle and feel the BomBoard leap out of the wake. This is the adrenaline pumping action the enthusiasts crave.

The BomBoard is priced at only $3,495 ($99 per month) to make ownership a reality for legions of enthusiasts. Not only is the BomBoard affordable to purchase, it is affordable to use because it’s small displacement, highly efficient engine will operate for hours on a few dollars of fuel.

The BomBoard’s patented modularity opens a level of transportability never before seen in a personal watercraft. In less than 60 seconds the BomBoard can be assembled or disassembled into four small size, light weight modules easily transported by a single person in the back of most cars. The BomBoard transportability unlocks the freedom of individuals to go BomBoarding at a moment’s notice whenever they choose.

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