Flying The Aerial Drone

Our friends over at Southern Oregon RC sent us some videos of a member flying his Quadcopter Aerial Drone.

The first video shows the Quadcopter from a ground view and the second video shows the Quadcopter’s point of view as if you are on-board the Quadcopter.

Similar Drones are being used in many areas such as search and rescue, military reconnaissance and police surveillance. The FAA is currently in the process of upgrading existing law to make the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV’s, more widespread.

The Drone pilot flying the vehicle in these videos says that the on-board camera and flight control system will be updated soon to have more flight stability even in windy conditions. He aims to provide aerial videography and photography services in the Josephine County area.

For more information on local radio control groups and about the Quadcopter Drone shown here visit Southern Oregon RC at

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