If You Vote to Win in the Presidential Election, You Will Lose

Article Reprinted from Freeople.com

The good news is, you can make your vote count

Notwithstanding a miracle, the reality is that a vote to win will not make any significant difference for America. Whether you are concerned about people’s rights, the law, the economy, or even war, there is one essential truth to realize; both the Democratic and Republican candidates will continue the policies of their respective parties that nominated them – the same policies which have led us to where we are today.

Make no mistake about it, Obama tells us he will withdraw from Iraq, but he will actually further invade other countries, McCain says he will give us tax cuts, but overall, he will actually increase spending. In much the same way, they will both vote to bailout the failed corporations of wealthy Wall Street CEOs, with your money. Study any other issue these candidates disagree on and you will find the same hypocrisy. The core problems in America will not be resolved by either candidate, because they are both essentially puppets of their respective parties, which have been in power for decades without addressing any of the core issues.

However, there is a way to make your vote count. There is a way to send a powerful message to the nation and Washington with your vote. There is a way to display leadership among fellow Americans in rejecting the failed policies of both the corrupt Democratic and Republican parties that have resulted in the severe problems that our nation faces today. You don’t have to do as you are told and vote for the lesser of two evils, you still have the freedom to make a real difference, lead by example, and help make a profound statement.

Vote for another party

Nobody in Washington has a better record of sharing the plain and simple truth with America than Congressman Ron Paul. He always votes with respect to the Constitution of the United States and takes the sworn oath of office to defend the Constitution very seriously. Often, Ron Paul is the sole representative in congress out of 535 to courageously stand up alone and vote in defense of the United States Constitution. While other representatives follow the crowd in fear of political attacks and a loss in popularity, Ron Paul stands his ground in defense of the country.

Listen to Ron Paul

Join Ron Paul in sending a strong message to America and the world that Americans are still free to choose who we vote for. That we will not be cornered into voting for the lesser of two evils. And, that we reject the failed policies of both the Democratic and Republican parties that not only have a stranglehold on their party members and our nation’s Capitol, but our Constitution and country.

Now is your chance to stand up for what is right and have your vote counted for something that really matters – the message that Americans are still a free people, and will vote based upon principle, not for who the media and politicians try to sell us on voting for.

Congressman Ron Paul recently endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party because his principles are close to his own. The more people that join together and support Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party, the greater the message sent to the nation and Washington will be. The point is not to win the election, the point is for the message to win. The point is to lead America by good example. The point is to show America that we are still free to vote and the people will not be led like sheep to the voting booths. The point is to show that we are still free.

Every vote will count

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