Marie Neder


Marie Neder

Marie C. Neder is the proprietor of Just Photos Galore, her website features digital prints including what she calls ‘affordable framable art’ i.e. greeting/gift card with a matching bookmark! Marie loves what she does and has always been passionate about taking photos.

Marie was was born in San Diego, California and was a “military brat” living in various places. Moving around provided her with the opportunity to meet lots of people from diverse places and cultures. Marie had some some great (and some not-so-great) experiences in the many schools she attended, etc. She graduated from California State University, Northridge majoring in Sociology focusing on our ‘seasoned’ population – where we’re all heading. Marie moved to Grants Pass, Oregon via Reno, Nevada in August 2005, and enjoys living in this small and growing community. People here are engaging and want to help. Marie is active in volunteering in Grants Pass, which is said to have the highest rate of volunteerism in the state per capita.

Currently Marie is using a digital camera as her choice for photographing her subjects, whatever or whoever they may be. While Marie enjoys taking photos of the “big picture,” she also finds joy capturing the small stuff – ranging from drops of water on the end of a leaf, to a light beam bouncing off broken glass. Marie says “Beauty is everywhere and in everything – whatever the word beauty means to you.” Marie hopes you enjoy her version of “beauty.”

Marie C. Neder is a photographer based in Grants Pass, Oregon. She writes the Grants Pass Online monthly column Metaphorically Speaking.