ReconCraft – 45 Mph in Four Inches of Water

The ability to patrol in shallow water (as little as 4″ (10cm)) ultimately means one thing for law enforcement, rescue, and commercial operators: increased patrol capability in your respective Area of Responsibility (AOR) and ultimately more coverage with the same asset.


Originally developed to meet a U.S. government client’s request to patrol in an area previously inaccessible due to shallow water that limits outboards/outdrives and dense vegetation and debris that renders water-jet propelled boats inoperable, the latest ReconCraft Weed and Debris Grate allows ReconCraft’s line of water-jet boats to travel where other water-jet and propeller driven boats cannot.

Impact with Rocks and Other Obstructions: Shallow water operations ultimately mean impact with shallow water obstructions. At ReconCraft, we’ve combined the latest naval architecture modeling techniques and newest applied materials with our on-water operational experience to develop a hull system that is specifically built to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions our government clients encounter each and every day.

Via ReconCraft

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