Aesent: The World’s Most Comfortable Tent

At Aesent we love the outdoors, and we believe that there is no better place to spend time with friends and family than the great outdoors. Our innovative products are easy to use, made of quality materials, and allow people to more fully enjoy their time in nature. We’ve designed the world’s most comfortable tent.


Aesent has created the first tent to include an integrated inflatable base. We’ve built the tent to be durable, functional, and, most importantly, comfortable. Our flagship patent-pending design is a 4-man domed tent with a 6-inch inflatable base attached via zipper access. The tent is able to be set up in just minutes, with the large base inflating in as little as two minutes.This is the world’s most comfortable tent.

The concept for our tent started during a family camping trip last summer. My wife and I were struggling to get our standard queen-size inflatable mattress into our small 2-man tent. The mattress was just a little too big for the size of our tent. Once inflated, it caused the bottom of the tent to bow out and gave the illusion that our tent was sitting on top of an inflated base. I remember sitting around the campfire and telling my brother, “They should just make a tent that has a built-in air mattress.” A few weeks later while talking to some work friends, I brought up the idea and immediately had great responses. I knew I was on to something big and started sketching up designs almost immediately.

Over the next several months, I worked on coming up with a functional design that would allow for a tent to have an inflatable base but be able to meet my strict standards of quality.

There were some big challenges that we had to overcome.

First, there was the most obvious problem of having the inflatable base durable and puncture resistant. We worked with the manufacturer to come up with a vinyl that is significantly thicker than the standard camping air mattress.

Second, we needed the tent to function without the mattress if necessary. I felt it would be a good idea to provide a tent that could be used without the mattress for those times were you need to hike into a spot and are wanting to conserve on weight. We designed the base to be removable by simply unzipping the base from the bottom of the tent. Once unzipped, you’ll find a second set of pole anchors that will allow the tent to be set up as lightweight camping tent.


Third, we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible. Anyone who has spent a night sharing an air mattress can agree that it is not always a comfortable experience. Many typical air mattresses are built using a bladder-like construction. Unfortunately, this allows for the air to be easily displaced, making them bouncy, flimsy, and lacking in support, We constructed our base using an intertwining system of tubes. This limits the ability of the air to be unevenly displaced, resulting in a firm, cushioned surface. This offers a whole new level of protection and support, as well as stifling motion transfer from other campers in the tent.

The designs for this tent started on scraps of paper on my desk. I’d jot down ideas, trying to figure out how to make the design work and meet the objectives that I had in mind.

As soon as I had the product visualized in my head, I downloaded some free design software and made the drawings digital.


After getting the designs critiqued by friends and family and having an actual industrial designer look over the designs, we sent the drawings to the manufacturer. We were in near constant communication with the manufacturer, making sure the prototype was built according to our specs. After a few weeks, we had our first prototype in hand.


The first prototype blew us away. It was nearly perfect! The base was much firmer than we had even expected, and the functionality of the tent was spot on. The prototype only needed a few minor tweaks to meet our look and design expectations. We immediately documented everything we needed changed and sent off to have our second prototype made.

This final prototype is amazing. The coloring looks great. The base is firm and inflates quickly, and with the addition of a more rugged zipper at the base, it very easily converts into a light-weight tent.

We still plan on making a few very minor changes, mostly the addition of internal pockets and switching to high-grade aluminum tent poles. We guarantee that the delivered tent will meet and exceed all expectations.

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