Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor

SOURCE: Powerhouse Dynamics. The eMonitor brings, for the first time, an affordable solution for homeowners to monitor the energy use on every circuit of the home, giving them visibility to where energy is being used – and wasted – and the ability to take action.

The eMonitor’s unique combination of circuit- and appliance-level monitoring, continuous analytics and diagnostics, tailored recommendations, wide spectrum of safety, cost, and usage alerts, and easy-to-use web interface, puts the homeowner in total control of their electricity use.

Total Home Energy Management™

Powerhouse Dynamics is building a Total Home Energy Management solution that lets you manage all uses – and sources – of energy in your home. Total Home Energy Management:

  1. Starts with real-time monitoring at the right level: every circuit in the home plus selected individual outlets.
  2. Continues with targeted suggestions for reducing energy use and leveraging renewable energy.
  3. Enables you to control your thermostat and other devices to maximize comfort while reducing costs.
  4. Adds ongoing alerts about appliance or PV problems, unusual usage, overloaded circuits, energy bills to-date and more.
  5. Provides you the ability to see how your actions impact your carbon footprint and how you compare with others.

Visit the Powerhouse Dynamics website for detailed information on their residential and commercial offerings by clicking here.

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